Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes To EU For Facebook Data Leak

posted by Bill Strange -

Mark Zuckerberg is offering an apology to European leaders for Facebook's data sharing scandal. In his meeting with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and other EU lawmakers in Brussels, the Facebook CEO called the improper sharing of user data and handling of fake news "a mistake" and said he's "sorry for it."  Zuckerberg also repeated assurances of Facebook's plans to improve policies that he outlined in hearings before Congress last month.  One analyst told CNBC that Zuckerberg appeared to answer many of the EU lawmakers' questions with rehearsed talking points during the hour-long Q-and-A session.  

In a related story, the Federal Trade Commission is being petitioned by a citizens group to break up the social media monopoly. The Freedom From Facebook coalition wants the government to force Facebook to spin off its components like Instagram and Messenger into independent companies.  The group is spending more than $1,000,000 on an online ad campaign to spread its message, namely that Facebook has too much power over its 2,200,000,000 users.  The social media giant has been under increased scrutiny from lawmakers amid concerns over privacy and data breaches.

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